Keyring made from genuine rotor blade engine parts from the Concorde supersonic passenger plane.

Concorde 350

Based on the Olympus engines previously developed for the Vulcan and BAC TSR-2 bombers the Olympus 593 was at the heart of Concorde’s legendary power plant. Fine unique aeronautical memorabilia.

These keyrings were derived from the turbine rotor blades and cast from Nickel Alloy containing carbon, chromium, cobalt, molybdenum, aluminium, titanium, zirconium and boron. These keyrings are not just an incredible piece of metal they are an historic piece of aviation history.

Because of the curves on the rotor blades each piece is different. It has been ground out of the complex shapes of the blades and thus will be different to the pictures. They are large by the standards of conventional keyrings.

Concorde rotor blades
Concorde rotor blades rear
Concorde auction certificate 1


We will provide a photocopy of the certificate of authenticity from the Concorde auction with each keyring sold.

Concorde Rolls Royce keyring. We have tried to add to the integrity of the metal by preserving the sinuous nature of the Concorde shape in the keyring. We have tried to protect the shape and the material rather than machining out the integrity of the piece to create a conventional keyring. That is a wonderful shape but not a conventional keyring rather a piece of metal art encapsulating a piece of aviation history.

Concorde keyring 1
Concorde keyring 2

its roughly three and half inches long without the ring and the sizes vary slightly. It comes in a black gift box and with a copy of the Concorde auction certificate. The gift boxes vary in size.

concorde keyring boxed

Price 49 inclusive of gift box, ring and UK postage. Click on the image above to purchase or the buy button below.

Concorde buy button 250

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