Fine silver caddy spoons made by British silversmiths

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Having a cuppa was a bit more than tossing a tea bag into a stained mug - in the past when tea was expensive tea caddy spoons became an art form in themselves. The best silversmiths turned their attention to creating exquisite silver caddy spoons which became pieces of art in there own right. Alongside our other fine pieces of silver we have some very nice tea caddy spoons which will be appreciated by lovers of both fine tea and fine silver.

The Admirals Knife 1

Have a look at our Admirals knife made with traditional blade patterns in Sheffield is our three bladed pocket knife. A quality heirloom pocket knife made by traditional cutlers in much the same way as it was made for centuries.

Edward Mayfield Caddy Spoon
Edward Mayfield Caddy Spoon 1805
Edward Mayfield silver caddy spoon

Silver Caddy Spoon by London silversmith Edward Mayfield. 1805. Nice condition with a few minor surface scratches. Worn initials on stem. Length 2 3/4 inches. Ref. Mayfield 1. price 97

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We have a wide range of pocket knives, penknives and all manner of other folding knives all made in Sheffield Britains steel city on our other web site. Made with traditional blade patterns by generations of cutlers these are not just fine Sheffield knives they encapsulate generations of experience in their making and we combine some of them with historic events from Britains past like wood from HMS Victory - Nelsons flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar.

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