The Stockton & Darlington Commemorative 200th Anniversary Sheffield artisan made pocket knife incorporating historic wood from the York Engine sheds for it’s grips

A fine Stockton & Darlington Railway Gift

engine sheds 4 cropped 1 350
york engines sheds 350

poster 1 250

This is thought to be the worlds first railway timetable

York Engine Sheds 250

York Engine sheds

George Stephenson was appointed Chief Engineer on the 22nd January 1822 and on the 23 may 1822 the first track was laid. The line opened in 1825. To commemorate the 200th Anniversary we have made a Sheffield folding knife in a blade pattern which would have been used at the time. The folding knife made by Sheffield cutlers has a Lambsfoot blade. We have obtained pine from the wall cladding of the engine sheds at York which of itself is historic wood. It would have looked over generations of steam trains and the history of railway engineering. The wood has seen considerable service and taken the knocks over the years. Its only been lightly hand sanded  on the face to retain as best we can to the patina from years of ageing and we have  used it for the grips. We have not machined out the ripples and colours and what you see is engine shed smoke blackened pine and an irregular surface. The Sheffield pocket knife made in the traditional way has a blade engraved with the words. ‘Stockton and Darlington Railway 200th Anniversary’. As an object its not a throwaway item the entire piece is steeped in the history of engineering with the wood from the York sheds and a knife made by the last of cutlers still operating in the traditional way in Sheffield. Do not expect the surface of the wood to entirely smooth and its certainly not pristine. The entire work is a superb piece of railway memorabilia and all produced in Yorkshire utilising skills from Steel Town.

Post card from Sheffield 300

From Sheffields heyday when thousands of cutlers supplied the world. Our other Yorkshire made products including Sheffield made folding knives can be seen by clicking on the image above.

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George Stephenson was a British civil engineer and mechanical engineer. Renowned as the Father of the Railways.

Robert Stephenson trade card

A manufacturer was needed to manufacture the locomotives and Robert Stephenson, Georges son became it’s Managing Director. In September 1825 they produced the first locomotive originally named Active and then renamed Locomotion.


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Stockton & Darlington 200th Anniversary

As with all our knives and other pieces we have tried to preserve the integrity of the wood and metal in the piece. What the material stands for is reflected in the item rather than machined out - thus collectors will not get a pristine machine made item with its features removed. Its a handmade knife and the wood is hand sanded to preserve as best we are able it’s features. Its finished with one coat of Luberon oil.  Our email is

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