Hallmarked solid silver spoons in a variety of styles can be seen below.

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Samuel Wood hallmarks
Samuel Wood spoon
Samuel Wood spoon rear

Samuel Wood - the mark is of 1737 Gutter Lane Cheapside, London when he was a free goldsmith. He died at Southgate aged ninety and for the last two years of his life he used to ride into town every week to transact business at Goldsmiths Hall - he was the oldest member of that Company. The spoon we have is a good early Georgian tablespoon. It is eight inches long and is clean and bright and a decent set of marks particularly that of its maker. Ref. Samuel Wood 5. Price 149

Richard Gosling London silver hallmark
Richard Gosling spoon hallmarks
Richard Gosling silversmith 1733
Richard Golsing 1733 spoon
Richard Gosling silver spoon

Silver hallmarked London tablespoon. Richard Gosling 1733. Eight inches long. Nice condition, no flaws with very few minor scratches. Ref. Gosling 8. Price 145

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James Wilkes Golden Lane
James Wilkes spoon face

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James Wilkes 1726 spoon

James Wilkes, London of Golden Lane. 1726 with 1722 hallmark. George I sterling silver hanoverian rattail pattern spoon. Nice condition with no dents or blemishes.  Seven and three quarter inches long. Ref. Wilkes 7. Price 175

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James Wilkes 1738 spoon
James Wilkes 1726 spoon
James Wilkes hallmarks

A nice early Georgian tablespoon. London 1738 James Wilkes. Eight inches long. Nice condition with a few surface scratches. Worn monogram on stem. Ref. Wilkes 3. Price 195

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High quality silver photo frames in a variety of styles are available.

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Large poppy 5

Unique paperweights with 5 silver coins rebated into wood from a Lee Enfield rifle butt.

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From Steel Town, Sheffield we have a range of handmade pocket and other folding knives. Some made with historic wood grips commemorating historic events.

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