Quality Antique Silver Spoons by Scottish Silversmiths

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James Erskine hallmarks
James Erskine silver spoon
James Erskine teaspoon rear

James Erskine, 1792 -1820. Marks E, three towers, hand and dagger. Scottish Provincial tea spoon. Aberdeen. Five and a quarter inches long. Clean and bright with a few minor surface scratches. Worn initials on stem. Ref.  Erskine 2. Price 65

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Silver spoons make excellent traditional christening gifts and the smaller spoons can be boxed in plain boxes at no extra costs - ask if this is essential - remember these are unique items.

Nathaniel Gillet Aberdeen hallmarks
Nathaniel Gillet Aberdeen silver
Nathaniel Gillet silver teaspoon

Nathaniel Gillet (1790 - 1824) Teaspoon, Aberdeen. Faded initial on stem. Hallmarks plant, omega, NG, Plant. Length Five inches. Clean and bright with minor surface scratches. Ref Gillet 4. Price 95

Thomas Davie silver 1818
Thomas Davie silver spoon
Thomas Davie silver hallmarks

Scottish Provincial teaspoon by Thomas Davie of Greenock 1818. Five and half inches long. Engraved initials on stem. Minor surface scratches. Ref. Thomas Davie 2. Price 65

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Joseph Pearson hallmarks
Joseph Pearsom silver spoon 8
Joseph Pearson silver spoon face 8

Joseph Pearson, Dumfries. IP, fouled anchor, stags head, wheatsheaf.  Silver Scottish provincial spoon, Length 5 1/8. Ref. Joseph Pearson 8. No inscription on stem. Clean and bright.  Price 67

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The blades on our Sheffield made pocket knives include historic patterns such as Barlow, clip point, Lambsfoot and various others developed and handed down over centuries of Sheffield knife making by generations of cutlers.

James Erskine hallmarks 6 James Erskine silver spoon 6
James Erskine scottish provincial silver 6

James Erskine, 1792-1820. Desert spoon. Scottish provincial silver. Six and half inches. Clean and bright, few minor surface marks. Ref. James Erskine 6. Price 72

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Made incorporating original metal from the Cutty Sark we have a Sheffield made pocket knife. The Cutty Sark is preserved in Greenwich overlooking the Thames and it’s spars and rigging make a majestic sight in an historic setting. it’s primary purpose was to bring the best of the first growth of the years new tea back to Britain in the fastest to possible time to secure the best prices of what was a valuable commodity before the age of tea bags. The blade pattern is much the same as would have been made in Sheffield at the time of the Tea Clippers and of itself the pocket knive is an historic piece with Lambsfoot blade types.

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