Solid Silver by silversmiths from around the UK

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George Smith egg spoon 1796
George Smith spoon rear
George Smith egg spoon 1794 1

George Smith, London solid silver egg spoon. 1796. Clean and bright. 4 1/2 inches long. Traditional shield shape bowl. Ref. GS1. Price 95

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Smith Fearn sifter

Overall length four and quarter inches. 1794 sugar sifter. George Smith III & William Fearn, London. Clean and bright , possible loss of gilt to bowl. Ref. GS WF sifter 1. Price 109

smith fearn bowl 1
SmithFearn Hallmarks

Sauce ladle 1798 hallmarks
Ladle William Smith rear
Ladle William Smith

Hallmarked William Smith II 1798. Clean and bright with minor surface scratches. Script initials on stem. Overall length six and half inches. Bowl across two and half inches. Ref. Smith 7 ladle. Price 130

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We have a wide range of Sheffield made pocket knives and other Sheffield made knives on our other web site Some with traditional and historic blade types such as Lambsfoot blades

1807 mustard silver ladle
1807 London mustard ladle rear
1807 mustard ladle

London mustard ladle with the gilt intact and no flaws. Maker unreadable. Length four inches. Ref. 1807 ladle. Price 59. These prices include UK postage.

R100 airship keyring 250

This historic keyring contains an historic piece of aviation history. It holds a piece of the fabric of the R100 airship designed by Barnes Wallis of WW2 bouncing bomb fame. You can see it by clicking on the image above.

Newcastle langlands hallmark
Newcastle langlands spoon rear
Newcastle langlands spoon

Newcastle. Initials on stem. Dorothy Langlands mark partially rubbed circa 1804. Length five and half inches. A few fine surface scratches but otherwise in good order. Ref. Langlands 5. Price 115

George Smith 1790 hallmarks
George Smth 1790 spoon
George Smith 1790 spoon rear

Solid silver spoon. George Smith 1790. Monogram on stem worn. Length five inches. Clean and bright with minor age related wear. Ref. GS 4. Price 125

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Bateman 1796 silver spoon
Bateman 1796 spoon
Bateman 1796 spoon rear

Solid silver George III Old English pattern tea spoon. partially rubbed makers letters. 1796 Peter and Anne Bateman. Letters SPE are engraved on the spoon handle. Overall good order with few very minor blemishes. Five inches long. Ref. PB spoon 35. Price 85

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peter & anne bateman hallmark
peter & anne bateman, 1797 spoon
peter annne bateman spoon silver rear
peter & anne bateman silver spoon

18th century Georgian silver teaspoon, bright cut vacant cartouche 1797 Peter & Anne Bateman. Clean and bright. Four and three quarters long. Ref. Pb9. Price 130

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Richard Ferris, exeter hallmark
Richard Ferris, spoon bright cut
Richard Ferris, Exeter spoon c1790
Richard Ferris, spoon rear

Richard Ferris, Exeter spoon bright cut, initials on cartouche, Clean and bright. circa 1790. Minor scratches. Length four and three quarters. Ref. Ferris 7. Price 65

Hester Bateman spoon
Hester Bateman spoon bowl
Hester Bateman hallmark
Hester Bateman spoon rear

Hester Bateman spoon. Mark used from 1761 - 1790. Five inches long. Clean and bright with a slight flat on the bowl. Reference HB 6. Price 145

John Lias berry spoon
John Lias spoon
John Lias berry spoon hallmarks

John Lias London berry spoon. Looks unused. Nine inches long. Hallmarked 1792. Ref. Lias 4. Price 155

John Jackson III hallmarks
John Jackson III spoon
John Jackson III spoon rear

A solid silver old English pattern spoon. Made by John Jackson III in London and assayed in 1793. Slight wear to tip of the bowl and initials on stem. Five and half inches long. Ref. JJ 7. Price 55

Richard Ferris spoon
Richard Ferris, Exeter spoon
Richard Ferris, Exeter spoon rear
Richard Ferris, hallmarks spoon

Solid silver desert spoon. Old English pattern. Richard Ferris, Exeter. Born 1759, died 1812. Very good used condition. Seven inches long. Hallmarked on the back of the handle with LIon Passant, duty mark and RF. Around 1800. Ref. RF Ferris 5. Price 55

Eustace spoon face

Two silver spoons by Thomas Eustace, Exeter. Mentioned in the 1780-84 Assay Book. Died 1793. Hallmarks on one obliterated. Two identical spoons with same engravings on stem. Length four and three quarter inches. Good condition with slight tarnishing. Ref. Eustace 7. Price 125

Eustace spoon hallmarks 1
Eustace spoon
Eustace spoon hallmarks 2

Turner & Simpson silver

To see our range of solid silver decanter labels and other fine solid silver click on the image left. The range includes other silver pieces by British silversmiths including some Scottish decanter labels.

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