Scottish solid silver mainly Scottish provincial Scottish silver spoons, hallmarked and made by silversmiths.

fine silver 300

Wildgoose hallmark Aberdeen
James Wildgoose spoon Aberdeen
James Wildgoose, Aberdeen spoon rear

James Wildgoose, Aberdeen circa 1770. James Wildgoose died in 1796 when he was 68 years old and is buried in St. Peters Churchyard. Spoon length four and three quarter inches. Worn monogram on rear. No real blemishes. Ref. Wildgoose spoon 3. Price 120

Pearson Dumfries silversmith hallmarks

Joseph Pearson, Dumfries spoon. c 1798.  Size five and quarter inches. No real blemishes. Ref. Joseph Pearson 6. Price 125

Joseph Pearson Dumfries silversmith
Joseph Pearson, spoon Dumfries

James Erskine, Aberdeen spoon rear
James Erskine hallmark
James Erskine, Aberdeen teaspoon

James Erskine, Aberdeen. Teaspoon. Hallmark between1792 - 1820. Mark shown on P15 AB130 Scottish Provincial silversmiths. Length 5 1/4 inches. Engraving on stem. Minor knock on bowl. Reference Erskine 5. Price 125

Paisley Heron hallmark
Heron, Paisley silver spoon

J & G Heron Paisley. 1800 -1810. Mark illustrated in the Illustrated Directory of Scottish Silversmilths page 79 probably PA1. Five and quarter inches long. Clean with a couple of shallow knocks on the bowl. Ref. Heron 7. Price 85.

Heron, Paisley silver spoon face

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The art of the photo frame 350

Solid silver photographic frames make a very nice gift item and our range can be seen by clicking on the above.

John Keith hallmark

John Keith, Banff, 1786 - 1823. teaspoon, Length 5 1/4 inches. Monogram on stem, some tarnishing otherwise ok. Ref. Keith 6. Price 145

John Keith teaspoon
John Keith, Banff

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Joseph Pearson, Dumfries marks
Joseph Pearson, silver
Joseph Pearson silver spoon

Joseph Pearson 1794 -1817. Dumfries. Fouled anchor, stags head marks. Size five and half inches. Clean and bright with minor surface scratches. Initials on stem. Ref. Joseph Pearson 12. SOLD Price 55

The Admirals Knife 1
3 blade pocket knife 300

One of our more recent Sheffield made pocket knives is our Admirals knife. Three bladed with grips made from wood from one of Nelson’s frigates. It combines historic wood with historic traditional blades in a pattern made by craftsmen in Sheffield for centuries. It come with a certificate of authenticity and description of it’s Sheffield made creation.

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The thing about solid silver is you can connect with the actual maker through the hallmarks  just like my Sheffield knives connect to craft cutlers which is a rapidly disappearing skill. And you can connect back through many of the knives via the materials to historic events and places places where the grips and parts originated. And maybe that puts these products on an entirely different level to the mass produced bland pieces you normally see. With the Sheffield items the materials which in many cases took a long time to find another dimension is added through the historic events to the items. So whether it’s the silver the knives and other pieces each product has a dimension which goes beyond the merely mass produced. The materials add another dimension of meaning to the product.


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