Early hallmarked silver spoons from London silversmiths

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James Tookey silver spoon
James Tookey London Silver spoon

Hallmarked silver tablespoon by James Tookey in 1754. Nice condition with a few surface scratches. James Tookey was based in Noble Street, Foster Lane and had been apprenticed to Henry Green in 1733. Eight and a quarter inches long. Ref. Tookey 7. Price 155

James Tookey hallmarks

R100 airship keyring 250

Made with historic fabric from the R100 airship designed by Barnes Wallace who develped the boucing bomb of WW2 fame is our keyring.

George Love hallmarks 6
George Love 1795 teaspoon 6
George Love silver teaspoon 6

George Love, silver teaspoon 1795. Five and quarter inches long Old English pattern. A few very minor surface scratches. Ref. George Love 6. Price 95

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George Love 1795 hallmarks
George Love London spoonmaker
George Love silversmith london

William Eley I silver spoon. London silversmith. 1795 - 1796.Old English pattern tea spoon. engraved initials on stem. Five and quarter inches long. Clean and bright with a few minor surface scratches. ref. William Eley 2. Price 96

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