London has a great history of using silver in manufacturing stretching over many centuries. Whilst older silver products pre 1700 is very difficult to obtain hallmarked silver products starting from 1700 are still possible to find. Some of these silver pieces are on our web sites.

London Silver spoons jpg

Richard Crossley spoon hallmarks
Richard Crossley spoon rear
Richard Crossley London silver spoon

Large hallmarked silver spoon by Richard Crossley, 1789. Clean and bright with jus normal surface wear. Size 8 1/4 inches. Partially rubbed makers mark as shown. Ref. Crossley 7. Price 96

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Thomas Northcote hallmarks
Thomas Northcote 1795 spoon
Thomas Northcote spoon rear

Thomas Northcote desert spoon. 1795 London. Engraved family crest of lion. Size 7 1/4 inches long. Good condition with just a few minor surface scratches. Ref. TN 9. Price 110

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William Eley hallmarks
William Eley I, London, spoon
William Eley I spoon rear

Hallmarked William Eley I silver spoon, 1795. Five and quarter inches long. Engraved initials on spoon handle. Quality item by London silversmith. Ref. WE 8. Price 96

Bentley Tea Light 1

A unique piece of automobile memorabilia - the above is a Bentley Continental brake caliper into which we have fitted a tea light. A superb fit and superb piece of automobile engineering. Click on the image to see it.

Isaac Callard hallmark

Isaac Callard was a London spoon maker from 1729 with the mark registered in 1738. Huguenot family of immigrants. His subsequent and fourth mark was 1747 and this would be between those dates. In good order with a rubbed engraving on the stem. Just minor scratches. Eight inches long.

Isaac Callard spoon rear
Isaac Callard spoon

Ref. Callard spoon 7. Price 125

Large poppy 5

Set into the walnut of a Lee Enfield rifle butt and fitting precisely into the gift box is a 5 silver Commemerative coin issued to remember the Great War. We have tried to make pieces which are quite unique and quite often are bought as family heirlooms. Above all these are not items made in large quantities. The 5 silver coins are not glued in so you can appreciate both sides.

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On our web site typenet we have a range of products mostly created by us and unique to this web site. The theme throughout our products is to use historic and other material and try to preserve both the ambiance of the material and it’s historic connections without destroying it to make conventional pieces.

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