Keswick School of Industrial Art was founded in 1884. It was very much in the Art and Craft movement style and developed into an enterprise which combined high quality handmade products coupled with an altruistic purpose. It was financed by the sale of it’s products and lasted to the 1980’s when mass produced and imported goods undermined it’s finances.


Keswick school caddy spoon
Keswick school caddy spoon rear
Keswick school caddy spoon marks

This Caddy spoon is clean and bright steel with a hammered finish. A superb handmade item with an overall length of 3 1/2 inches. All our pieces except where stated include UK postage. This Keswick Industrial School caddy spoon is unboxed. Price 65 SOLD

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keswick school pickle fork 2
Keswick school pickle fork 1

This Keswick Industrial School pickle fork is clean and bright with a slightly hammered finish on the face. It’s six inches long. It comes boxed but not in the original box. Price 65

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Hexagonal Keswick napkin holder Keswick hexagonal napkin holder 150

Octagonal napkin ring. One and half inches across. Nearly one inch deep. Hammered finish. Stamped on the inside KSIA Keswick. We do not have a box for this. Ref. KSIA 7. Price 59

The Admirals Knife 1

Whilst you are around have a look at our three bladed Sheffield made pocket knife made with part of the ancient teak keel from HMS Trncomalee one of Nelsons frigates.

metal-backgroundssheffield copy

For our fine Sheffield made folding knives click on the image above. We have stopped calling them Sheffield made pocket knives given the restrictions on carrying item in a pocket.

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We have a wide range of solid silver decanter labels, wine related silverware, Asprey silver, Sheffield made silver and other quality silverware on our other web site.

Derwentwater caddy marks
Derwentwater caddy spoon
Derwentwater caddy spoon rear
derwentwater caddy spoon number

Caddy spoon. This is the Derwentwater range and is numbered. Hammered finish. Clean and bright. Stamped KSIA Keswick. Size about 2 1/2 inches. Ref. KSIA D1. Price 78

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keswick art 1

A drawing of Keswick School of Industrial Art from the period.

Circular napkin ring
Keswick school oblong napkin ring

Keswick school of Industrial Art napkin ring, circular, hammered finish, steel. One and half inches across. Nice condition. No blemishes. Ref. Keswick 23. Price 69

Circular napkin ring hallmark
Keswick school  oblong napkin ring

Keswick School of Industrial Art oblong napkin ring. Nice condition, steel hammered finish, no blemishes. Longest dimension two inches. Ref Keswick 25. Price 69

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For a range of personal grooming products click on the image above. These include scissors handmade with Japanese steel for nails and even moustaches. These scissors are made for specific tasks outlined in the descriptions of each.

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